Carly Pildis Named Zioness Director of Grassroots Organizing

September 4, 2019

Dear Zionesses, 

On behalf of the Zioness Board of Directors, we could not be more thrilled to announce that the extraordinary Carly Pildis will be moving off the board to begin a new role with Zioness as the full-time Director of Grassroots Organizing. She will join founder and Executive Director Amanda Berman on staff at an urgent time for our unabashedly progressive, unapologetically Zionist community.

Our movement is now 30 chapters strong — and growing every day. With more than a decade of grassroots organizing experience, Carly will be the main point of contact for Zioness lay leaders and activists in their local and national civic engagement. Beginning, Monday, September 9, Carly will be available to activate and empower you — our amazing, fierce, Zionesses from coast to coast — and ensure that your voices, and our collective Zioness voice, is heard and counted.

In her own words:
“Every day, American Jews tell me that they feel helpless. That they feel pushed out of progressive movements that are fighting for policies that affect their families and their communities. That they are afraid to stand publicly in their Zionist identities and feel attacked when they declare their commitment to a safe and secure Israel.That they are afraid of rising antisemitism across the political spectrum. That they aren’t even sure they can stay in America at all.

I know this feeling well—but I also know that we cannot succumb to the feeling of helplessness. The Jewish people are strong, courageous, and committed to our progressive and Zionist ideals. That’s why I joined Zioness: to give our community the tools to stand up and fight for all of our values, with all of our authentic selves.

Together we will reclaim. Together we will empower. Together we will make change. Together we will mobilize the most powerful collective of Jewish activists in America.”

Carly writes as a contributing editor for Tablet Magazine, has fought to end global poverty at RESULTS, directed phone banks and outreach to Jewish Americans, African Americans, Muslim Americans, and Latino Americans in DC for Obama for America in 2012, mobilized over 100 congregations to fight for debt relief in developing countries at Jubilee USA Network, and engaged presidential candidates on global justice issues as an organizer for the American Jewish World Service in New Hampshire.

Please email her at if you are a chapter leader needing immediate direction or resources for an upcoming event. Otherwise, she will be in touch with you directly as she settles into this exciting new role. Feel free to reach out to send her congratulations!


With love and solidarity, 

Team Zioness

Our New Board Vice President and Her Latest Must Read: Archie Gottesman


Congratulations to our trailblazing Jewish leader and activist, Archie Gottesman, on becoming our new Zioness Board Vice President! We are thrilled to have her voice and tireless advocacy during this exciting and important time for the Zioness community. We highly recommend her latest must-read piece below on the importance of fighting antisemitism in our communities and across the country.

"My friend Nessa is 95. She grew up in Warsaw, Poland. When she was young, Nessa and her mother, father, and sister, along with 400,000 other Jews, were moved into the Warsaw ghetto. One afternoon, in one of those tragic occurrences that happened countless times during the Holocaust, Nessa’s mother and sister were taken away and killed. Nessa escaped — and she is now my friend in New Jersey. We talk about our families and politics and, in the last two years, we talk a lot about antisemitism. Not long ago, Nessa said..."What are you going to do about it?” She meant about the rise in antisemitism. So, I joined the board of Zioness. When I told Nessa, she wasn’t terribly impressed. She looked me right in the eye and asked, “But what are you going to do?" So, here are five things I’m doing, and I would urge you to join me."


Click here for the full piece.

Join the Movement on Social Media


It has never been a more important time to stay connected with Zioness. We are so excited to help empower Zionesses like yourself to speak out as your authentic self and every "like" on our pages/posts makes a huge difference in strengthening our collective voice and our ability to say we represent, ideologically, the vast majority of American Jews. Here are a few things you can do to get more involved: 

  • Tell your friends and family members to sign up for our mailing list 

  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

  • Join your local chapter's Zioness Facebook group. We have 30 chapters across the country, so spread the word to your interested friends in other cities so they can join as well. If you do not see a chapter in your city, email to get started!

  • Share, share, share all of the above!

Ultimately, it is up to us to define our identities and our community, and that means we have to stand up and be heard and counted wherever and whenever it matters, including online. Stand up in social justice movements as sincere activists and proud Zionists, until everyone sees, organically, that our Zionism cannot be divorced from our identities as Jews, and that Zionism is in fact a progressive value that has a natural home in the progressive space. Stand up in Zionist spaces and talk about your progressive values, ensuring that no one can falsely claim Zionism to be a "conservative," partisan political issue. Speak for yourself, so that no one else can speak for you.

High Holiday Reflections: Jewels of Elul


Amanda Berman, Zioness Executive Director, is thrilled to participate in this year’s Jewels of Elul leading up to the High Holidays. Jewels of Elul is a booklet with short, inspirational anecdotes and insights from leaders who influence and galvanize our global community. We are honored to contribute a jewel to this meaningful project, alongside luminaries including Rabbi Wolpe, Ambassador Ross, Letty Pogrebin, Rabbi Mike Moskowitz and so many more. Click here to get your copy for High Holiday discussions and reflections! You can also click above to get access to a music playlist to go along with the written inspirations put together by the illustrious Craig Taubman.


Giving to Zioness with Amazon Smile


It's official! We are registered with Amazon Smile and you can help support Zioness just by shopping on Amazon! It's super easy: 

1. Register Zioness as your Amazon Smile donee by clicking here.
2. Shop!



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