Zioness February Update

February 11, 2019


I'm so excited and honored to announce that I have officially transitioned into my new role as the full-time Executive Director of Zioness. As a community of diverse activists committed to both our progressive and Zionist ideals, we've come so far in making our voices heard—and we know that leaders are listening on both the national and local levels. 

As your new Executive Director, I am excited to harness your energy as we tackle the challenges ahead. Together, we can ensure that America is a place where we can be devoted to justice and equality without checking our Zionism at the door; where we can commit to the fight for self-determination for all people––including ourselves. I look forward to leading Zioness this year and beyond.
With profound gratitude,
Amanda Berman

About Those Tweets...


Today the Zioness Movement released the following statement in response to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's tweets:
Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s tweets about the Jewish community were deeply hurtful and anti-Semitic. While we appreciate that she has since put out an apology, that statement contains an inherently problematic comparison that we feel compelled to address.
There is no reasonable comparison between lobbying entities like the NRA and the fossil fuel industry––organizations focused on leveraging influence to generate profit––and a nonprofit organization advocating for the security of a marginalized community. There are approximately 14.5 million Jews on the face of the earth––about 6.5 million of which live in Israel––representing roughly .02 percent of the entire global population. Jews who engage on this issue are doing so to protect ourselves from legitimate threats of extermination.
We recognize that historical manifestations of anti-Semitism are not widely understood by those who have not suffered under this pernicious form of bigotry––one of the oldest, most consistent and most deadly forms of hatred on earth. We commit ourselves to serving as a resource for those who sincerely want to engage to eradicate anti-Semitism, which, like all forms of bigotry, divides us and weakens our movements.


Zioness has been busy.

People are paying attention.


Zioness is featured in VICE's episode about the NYC Women's March
(p.s. check out one of our cameos at 6:09)





"Zioness is hosting a 'teach-in' in Washington on Tuesday to discuss alternative forms of activism for Jewish women who feel marginalized by the Women’s March.”



Washington Post


“If you are sympathetic to those who are prejudiced against Jews, we cannot stand with you,” Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch said in a sermon on Friday at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue on the Upper West Side. The synagogue was disassociating from the Women’s March group and any events affiliated with it; on Thursday, it will hold a panel discussion sponsored by Zioness, a women’s organization."


New York Times


“Zioness was born out of the frustration when we thought we couldn’t participate,” says Berman. “We didn’t realize how powerful it was going to be and how much it was going to mean to so many people."

“There hasn’t been an organization in the Jewish community that’s been representing the ideals of American-Jewish women the way that Zioness is,” she continues. “And there was just such a void in terms of a place that people can go to participate without checking any piece of their Zionist or Jewish identity at the door.”




Introducing Two New Board Members


We are thrilled to welcome two new powerhouse women onto the Zioness Board of Directors, Alisa Swidler (left) and Carly Pildis (right) and we cannot wait to work with them as we build and grow the Zioness Movement. Click here to read their full bios.

In Case You Missed It: Zioness Teach-Ins


In case you missed out on important conversations on inclusion and speaking out as your authentic self at our teach-ins in person in New York City, Los Angeles and Washington DC before the Women's March, click below to watch.



Los Angeles l New York City l Washington DC


'Jewish and Proud Zionist Standing for Women’s Equality'


Thoughts on the Women's March Los Angeles by Rabbi Nicole Guzik


We were disappointed beyond words to hear disturbing language targeting our community being perpetuated the Women's March Los Angeles. We are proud of this extraordinary Zioness, Rabbi Nicole Guzik, and her courage in speaking truth to power. As we have communicated to the WMLA leadership: A women's movement without Jews is a women's movement that will fail. In Rabbi Guzik's words: 

"If you want me back at next year’s March, someone like me better vet and screen your speakers. Someone like me must be willing to say anti-Zionist speech is the language of hatred and won’t be allowed on stage. But until you take this course of action, it will be quite a while until I give someone like you the benefit of the doubt."


Read Rabbi Guzik's full reflection in the Jewish Journal 


VIDEO: Who is Zioness? 

 Click on the photo above to watch our new video. 


Giving to Zioness


Our community of Zionists committed to social justice keeps growing as Zioness is becoming a larger force in domestic politics. In the last month alone, our teach-ins sparked an open conversation about the existence of anti-Semitism in social justice spaces and our presence at the Women’s Marches across the country showed that this conversation will be ongoing and difficult—but critically important.
Organizations including Women’s March Inc. will continue to try to divide us by exploiting differences within our diverse community of Zionist Jews and allies. We will not let them succeed.
We hope you will commit to helping the Zioness community grow and continue impacting the national conversation with a  donation. Whether it’s $18, $180 or $1,800, your contribution will empower Jewish and Zionist leaders to continue our fight for equality in America, while driving the anti-Semitism out from within. 
Help Zioness continue to empower and activate our community by rejecting the litmus tests imposed on us and refusing to be ostracized from the movements that we’ve led from their inception. Support us in our fight for a more equal America by standing alongside the many incredible and sincere progressive leaders who have stood with us. 


Click here to donate now!

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