Women’s March 2019: Our Plan to Stop Anti-Semitism

December 18, 2018

Dear Zionesses,


It has been a challenging time for our community of unabashedly progressive, unquestionably Zionist activists. Many have seen the recent Tablet article about the deep and pervasive anti-Semitism surrounding the organizing of the Women's March. We understand why many are feeling so marginalized that they are considering staying home, but we believe that we absolutely cannot cede the American feminist movement to bigotry and we must choose to lead with radical love and empathy. We beg our fellow Zionesses: Choose to participate. Choose to show up. Choose to reclaim your seat as a sincere feminist and a committed activist, and drive the anti-Semitism out from within. 


Read our statement on the Tablet piece here, and join us at your local march on January 19, 2019. 

This is a team effort. We are a tiny organization that has effectively captured the spirit of American Jews––84% of whom vote for liberal representation that will advance critical social, racial, economic and gender justice issues, and 92% of whom strongly support a safe and secure Jewish state in our historic national homeland. When we are unified, we can amplify the Zioness voice in a way that gives us agency and a community in which we can demonstrate with all of our authentic selves. But we need your help to ensure that as Jews and Zionists, we have a seat at the table to advocate for the progressive policies we want to see enacted––as American Zionists have done for more than a century.

We challenge each of you to identify 18 Zionesses to march with you on January 19th. It's not as hard as it sounds. At this decisive moment in our country's history and our community's story, we must show up to fight for women's rights, LGBTQ equality, racial justice, human rights for immigrants and refugees, healthcare, gun control, climate change, and so many other critical issues. 

The time is now. Sign up for the challenge and meet us at your closest march. Join the Facebook group for your city below. Add your friends. If you would like to lead a group in an existing chapter or start a new chapter, please reach out ASAP to about@zioness.org.

If you want more information on why Zioness is participating in this critical feminist movement please read here, and here
With love and solidarity,

Zioness co-founder and president

Zioness Pre-Women's March Teach-Ins


Zioness will be hosting a series of interactive teach-ins to answer questions from our community about why we must show up and how to do so proudly and committed to our authentic selves, with teachers from diverse communities representing our allies and those we want to fight for. The teach-ins will also be broadcast on Facebook live for anyone outside of these three cities. Please save the dates:

Los Angeles: Sunday, January 13
Washington, DC: Tuesday, January 15
New York City: Thursday, January 17

***Make sure you are following us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram so you can be among the first to see our announcements with details of these exciting events!

Show Your Zioness Pride


We will be providing posters for each Zioness chapter. Below are a few of our choices. We will be rolling out the rest of our posters in the coming weeks. 






Zioness will be adopting a new hashtag [displayed on our posters above], #ZionessSpeaksForMe. We hope you will use it frequently and share with your fellow Zionesses. It is clear that Zioness truly speaks for the vast majority of American Jews who are unabashedly progressive and unquestionably Zionist. We cannot let fringe elements speak for us, diminish us, or redefine us, so we need you to tell the world that Zioness speaks for you. Zioness is how we unite, and our collective voice is amplified by all of you: our diverse community of Zionesses.


Find your city's Zioness Facebook Group:

***As we announced last week, we will not march alongside the co-chairs of Women's March, Inc. However, we are mobilizing in every city with a Zioness chapter regardless of association and will work to see that there is a way to energize those cities whether they participate in their local march or not. We will be keeping a close eye on the local marches that have dissociated as we approach January 19th. Click HERE to find your Facebook group (also listed below). 


East Coast/Midwest: 

New York City
Washington DC
St. Louis
Tampa/St. Petersburg
Bergen County
Twin Cities


West Coast/Mountain: 

Bay Area
South Bay Area
Los Angeles
Las Vegas

Wear Your Zioness Pride

We will be providing the posters, do your part and get your Zioness t-shirt here!




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