Zioness to participate at the Keep Families Together March

June 28, 2018


We are grateful to everyone who is willing and ready to step up and march with Zioness in opposition to the inhumane and anti-American policies that have been effectuated on our country's Southern border. In only a few days, Zioness has mobilized 8 strong contingents preparing to march from coast to coast! Below are the meet-up locations and leaders for each city, as well as our official statement on the current border crisis and the posters we will march with at Saturday's events. If there is no Zioness contingent marching in your city, feel free to download and print these posters for your local event.

Let us know if you have any further questions. 

With love and solidarity,
Team Zioness

March Details

  • Washington, D.C.:

    • Meet: Swings Coffee, 1700 G Street, at 10:30am to begin marching over at 10:45am.

    • Leaders: Ann Lewis and Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath

  • New York City:

    • Meet: At Wichcraft on the corner of Broadway and Worth (325 Broadway) at 9:30am on Saturday! We will go to Foley Square to join the crowd at 10am.

    • Leaders: Amanda Berman and Alexa Smith

  • Los Angeles:

    • Meet: In front of the Cal Trans building at the southeast corner of Main and 1st. Plan on arriving between 10:15-10:45am, the rally begins in front of City Hall at 11am.

    • Leader: Taylor Stern

  • St. Louis:

    • Meet: Check the St. Louis Facebook group for updates on the meet-up location

    • Leader: Adam Bellows

  • Morristown, NJ:

    • Meet: Town Hall on Broad Street in Newark at 11am.

    • Leader: Sherri Goldberg

  • Concord, CA:

    • Meet: The Peet’s on the corner of Salvio and Mt. Diablo around 9:30am-10am pick up signs.

    • Leader: Emily Blanck

  • Vallejo, CA:

    • Meet: Vallejo City Hall sign at 555 Santa Clara Avenue at 10:45am to march to Unity Plaza just down the street together.

    • Leaders: Susan George and Matthew Finkelstein

  • Seattle, WA:

    • Meet: SeaTac Detention Center at 11am, look for the Zioness signs.

    • Leaders: Rebecca Davis-Suskind

ALSO: Please make sure to take lots of pictures. Post in your local Zioness Facebook groups and email to about@zioness.org!!  

Zioness Statement on Keeping Families Together


Like all people of moral conscience, we are sickened and horrified by the images of young children confined to cages and prison-like cells along our Southern border. We wholeheartedly oppose this administration’s heartless and morally reprehensible immigration policy agenda, which stands contrary to our values as Americans and as Zionists.


America is a nation of immigrants, founded on the belief that humans have inalienable rights. Throughout history, Americans have fought to ensure that these rights extend to all people in our country and beyond.


As Jews, we understand the importance of treating all people with dignity and kindness. For two millennia, the Jewish people were forced to wander, exiled from countries again and again, forced to abandon our heritage, subject to laws designating Jews as second-class citizens, terrorized by pogroms, and targeted for extermination and genocide.


Zionism is rooted in the knowledge and understanding of this history.


Zioness calls on all officials to do all that is in their power to protect migrant families and live up to American values. We call on President Donald Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen to end all of these cruel policies and reunite these families. We call on all federal leaders to swiftly enact compassionate and comprehensive immigration reform.

The United States of America should not stand for hate, for ripping apart families, for children crying out for their parents. We should welcome the stranger, and we repeat the words written in Exodus 22:20:

.ְְוֵ֥גר לֹא־תוֶֹ֖נה ו֣לֹא תלחֶ֑צנּוּ ִכּֽי־גִֵ֥רים היִיֶ֖תם בֶּ֥אֶרץ מ ְצָֽריִם

“You shall not wrong nor oppress a stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.”

Zioness #FamiliesBelongTogether Posters



You can also drag these photos to your desktop and print if there is no organized Zioness contingent in your city. Please take photos of you with your signs!






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