New Board Members + Announcing Definitions and More

August 29, 2018

We have seen an incredible outpouring of support for our movement in the past few months, and are continuing to build on that support. This newsletter includes: 

  • Information about our two new board members

  • Zionesses across the country marching to Keep Families Together

  • Education about Zionism and Progressivism with #ZionessDefines 

  • Latest news on Zioness

  • Our statement on the neo-Nazi Unite the Right 2.0 in Washington, DC

  • A Zioness High Holiday message

  • How to show your Zioness pride with new t-shirts featuring all our Zionesses

With love and solidarity,

Team Zioness

Announcing New Zioness Board Members


We are thrilled to announce two additions to our Board of Directors! They will add to our diverse team of inspirational leaders and draw on their extensive experience in and knowledge about activism, education, Zionism, Judaism, policy, and politics to help build and strengthen our movement and guide us as we work to activate and engage the progressive Zionist community. 

  • Archie Gottesman (left), branding specialist and founder of

  • Erin Scrode (right), an environmental and social justice activist 

You can read their full bios here.


Zioness Marches to Keep

Families Together


Last month, Zionesses across the country showed up to oppose inhumane policies separating immigrant family fleeing violence and seeking refugee status, to say that families belong together. Click here to see more photos. 


Introducing Zioness Definitions


What does the public need to know about Zionism and progressivism? These definitions are a good place to start. You can click here to see our full list of definitions so far.

And, each Tuesday, check our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share these definitions and start conversations about progressive and Zionist values.


Zioness in the News


As new anti-Israel threats emerge, students get crash course on changing campus environment

At this year’s conference, CAMERA sought to address this by beginning with Amanda Berman, co-founder of the Zioness Movement, a progressive Zionist group. She told JNS that many liberal Zionist students feel alienated on campus and find themselves forced to make a false choice between Jewish/Zionist identities, and their progressive and activist identities.


“It is a heartbreaking dilemma for them because they see a natural alliance between those two inherent parts of their being: their commitment to tikkun olam informs and empowers them in their activism and their desire to fight for progress,” she said.


“Zioness exists to provide a community to all these targeted individuals, allies and accomplices who want to stand proudly in progressive space and fight for social, racial, economic and gender justice as proud, progressive Zionists,” explained Berman. “We are thrilled to see how fulfilling it is for everyone seeking this type of community, so that they can participate in the important movements of our time without checking any piece of their inherent identity at the door.”


Read More

Zioness Statement Ahead of Unite the Right Rally

Before the Unite the Right rally in DC a couple weeks ago, Zioness made a statement about the importance of understanding the anti-Semitic nucleus of Unite the Right and its leaders, members and allies. 


Last August, alt-right bigots including Klansmen, neo-Nazis and various militias descended on Charlottesville, Virginia, in a horrifying display of anti-Semitism, racism, and radical white nationalism. They waved flags with swastikas, chanted “Jews will not replace us” and the Nazi slogan “Blood and Soil,” and howled “Seig Heil” in front of the city’s sole synagogue, where terrified congregants hid until they could escape through the back door. For these domestic terrorists, Jews, African Americans, Latinx, Muslims, native people, disabled people and the LGBTQIA community were, and continue to be, equal targets.


This Sunday in Washington, DC, the “Unite the Right” rally will again work to spread their vile ideology. While the vast majority of Americans will be horrified by everything these individuals represent, there will be some who deflect when asked to disavow the sentiments expressed. Zioness is deeply disturbed to see certain groups – even within our own progressive communities – ignore how anti-Semitism stands at the very core of white supremacy and animates those who adhere to its evil tenets today. Whether you are a community activist or the President of the United States, it is unacceptable and unforgivable to deny the intrinsic anti-Semitic nucleus of Unite the Right and its leaders, members and allies.

See our original post on Facebook here.

High Holiday Reflections


Even in this year of challenges, we look forward towards a new year of hope. We find inspiration in the Zionist story. This high holidays will give us a chance to renew our commitment to our values of tikkun olam and our work to advance racial, economic and gender justice. We wish all our fellow Zionesses a Shana Tova!




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