Statement on Electronic Intifada Smear Article Targeting the Zioness Movement

January 22, 2018

All the images used in the Zioness posters, logos, and graphics are representational. They are intended to reflect the diversity, strength, and courage of the Zioness community, which now includes thousands of women and men across the country who stand tall and proud for progressive values, including Jewish self-determination.

We were drawn to the photo of the model representing the African-American Zioness because she is bold, confident, proud, and beautiful - all qualities that embody the Zioness Movement.

We purchased all rights to use this photo through Getty Images - rights which were explicitly sold to Getty by the model herself, who profited in the exchange. Although we are under no obligation to do so, the Zioness Movement will not use the image of this model moving forward, as we respect her voice and privacy.

Today we will release a photo album of real-life Zionesses who participated in Women’s Marches across the country over the weekend, who proudly marched as progressives and Zionists for women’s rights and empowerment.

The attempts to intimidate and slander members of our Movement –including Zioness co-founder Amanda Berman for her work fighting for the civil rights of Jews around the world – will fail. For far too long, bigots like Electronic Intifada founder Ali Abunimah have used personal attacks and lies to harm and intimidate Zionists. Zioness will not be intimidated.

Ali Abunimah has a particularly pernicious track record of perpetuating anti-Semitic tropes to target Jews and their allies - including those in the African-American community. He has claimed that Zionism is a continuation of the Holocaust, and insinuated that Zionists were in league with the Nazis - two despicable blood libels comparing the victims of the worst genocide in human history to their mass murderers. He constantly invokes age-old anti-Semitic stereotypes to personally smear people identifying as Zionists.

Obviously, Abunimah and others like him are terrified at the success of our Movement in activating and empowering American Jewish progressives to fight for women's empowerment, civil rights, human dignity and equality for all. In just six months, thousands of Zionists have come together across the country to stand proud, join the #resistanceand fight for a progressive agenda - including support for the tremendous women running for elected office in 2018 and beyond. We could not have more pride in our work or our community

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