The Zioness Movement:

A Manifesto for Change and Inclusion

We are Zionists who believe in social justice for all people. We come in all genders, colors, sizes, and creeds.

We understand that Zionism is the movement for Jewish self-determination; the expression of the Jewish peoples’ dreams of liberation and empowerment after millennia of Jewish struggles for civil rights and equality in the face of persecution, exile, and genocide. We support Israel’s existence as a Jewish and democratic state.

Our Zionism drives our engagement in social action. As the world's most enduring persecuted community, we have the experience—and the obligation—to seize our own history and apply it to advance the rights of others. We cannot, and will not, be deterred by those who try to kick us out or leave us behind in movements to strive for equality or justice.


As Zionists, we proudly fight for justice and against discrimination for women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and any other human being whose rights are denied or threatened because of their innate characteristics.

Zioness is an inclusive movement. We invite all progressives and Zionists to participate.

We will not define your progressivism or your Zionism.

We will not apply political litmus tests to those who wish to fight for civil rights, social justice, and human dignity for all.  

If you believe in these ideals, and that the Jewish people have a right to a safe and secure Jewish state, we welcome you with open arms.

Join us as we work to advance our goals.


  • Ending discrimination and injustice: We will work to end racism, misogyny, and LBGTQ+ phobia. We aim to dismantle institutionalized racism in our government and our society; to implement national policies that ensure equal treatment for people of all ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations in public and private institutions; and to amplify the voices of our community members who face this type of discrimination.

  • Providing a home and platform of support for Jews and Zionists in progressive circles: We are acting to stop the spread of anti-Semitism and the demonization of Jews, Zionism, and Zionists on both the right and the left. We encourage and embolden the Jews and Zionists who have always cared deeply about social justice movements to reactivate our community, promote understanding of Judaism and Zionism within progressive circles, and call out anti-Semitism wherever and whenever it appears. 


Zioness Movement, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Make a tax-deductible contribution here.